Caveman Golf By Hello Simpson iPhone Review


Caveman Golf is another game I was fortunate to test and offer my feedback on before being released. The first thing that caught my eye probably a year ago was the fantastic app icon that tells your mind to stop here when flipping through the App Store. The caveman is one of those characters you can see turning into a brand of t-shirts and stuffed animals. A little early for that talk, but it has a nice family feel to it to play with your kids.

You’ll have 18 levels to unlock blasting various Dino’s with rocks by swinging your caveman club. Depending on how many rocks you swing at to clear the level, you’ll receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal. If you get a gold medal on all 18 levels (1 shot per level), a secret infinite level will be unlocked! We’ll get to that in a minute, but lets first go over the Caveman Golf game itself.

The swing of your caveman club is not as easy as you might think, or maybe it is, guess you’ll have to see for yourself. You flick the screen at the angle you want to aim, but you also have to choose the right speed and length of your touch. Because it’s not as easy as a simple flick, you may find yourself needing a mulligan or prehistoric bomb. Caveman Golf is free with the ability to remove ads with a .99¢ purchase of 3 mulligans to help you get the gold, or 3 Dino Blasts to blow everything to pieces. Each level contains a mix of green Dino’s, egg dropping Pterodactyl’s, and a head bobbing Ankylosaur. Your screen is also carefully filled with obstacles like rock and wood which can help you or hurt you depending on your flicking skills.

As I said earlier if you receive a gold medal on all 18 Caveman Golf levels you’ll unlock an infinite level of Dino’s coming for you. Swing as fast as your Caveman can or be killed by a slew of Dino’s flying at you! You can challenge your friends through the Game Center and see who can last the longest. Literally you may need someone to bring you food while you survive for hours!

I was able to solve most levels with ease, so Caveman Golf isn’t going to be much of a challenge for most. I think it’s a perfect game though to entertain your kids with a real part of history in a fun way. For a first game from the Schuster’s at Hello Simpson, I think it’s a great start to a game that has a lot of future potential. The graphics grab you, the idea is fun, and Caveman Golf is the beginning to bringing the prehistoric times back alive!





Wacky Rapids By Paw Print Games

Any iPhone game that involves racing in the water I download. In Wacky Rapids you’ll race in a tube down river rapids against wacky cartoonish characters. If you’re expecting an in your face 3D experience, you will not get that. The view is looking down on the cartoonish river starting from the top of your iPhone flowing downwards. The game is simple to play, but not as easy to win. To control, Wacky Rapids will automatically calibrate how you hold your iPhone, and then just tilt left and right to steer.

As you race down rapids like Cowboy Canyon or Icy Falls, you’ll slide over jumps for some extra speed, or grab some stars to build up a boost and spend in the store. Be careful as you’ll need to avoid obstacles like the canyon walls, sand, or random buoys that slow you down. The best part is snatching question marks like Mario Kart to slow down your opponents with different weapons. Some of those weapons are ice cubes, give someone the crabs, well shoot them with a crab. You can also drop a tornado behind you, water bomb, or stop everyone with lightning. It’s nice to see Paw Print came up with their own neat ideas.

Wacky Rapids consists of seven different location settings with four different courses including Volcano Mountain and Pirate Cove. Like many low price apps, if you want to unlock rapids early or use new characters and tube upgrades, Paw Prints has In-App Purchases. Otherwise you’ll need to complete different fun missions and collect stars to unlock the next rapid or spend your stars on tubes and immunities. Don’t worry Game Center lovers, you’ll be able to see your stats as well as challenge friends achievements.

What I enjoy about Wacky Rapids is the racing and completing of missions. Trying to maintain a lead or catching up by drifting another tube and shooting them at the last second, is a blast. Some of the missions are jumping and lighting up all the stars on the down ramp, or turning a certain number of characters into ice cubes. Overall I really can’t think of anything to complain about other than it takes awhile to collect enough stars to buy things, and the menus a little confusing. This is the first iPhone game for Paw Prints in the App Store, and what a start!

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Mole Kart 2 Evolution By Taomee Entertainment iPhone Review


Well, I reviewed Mole Kart 1 awhile back on a previous blog site, and I’m much more excited about Mole Kart 2 Evolution! It’s real simple, if you sit on your couch with friends and play Mario Kart Wii, you’re going to love how great Mole Kart 2 is on your little iPhone to get your fix. Let’s not quote me people, it is just a phone, so I’m not saying it’s like playing with a Wii steering wheel.

I said it last time, in my opinion the kart needs to be bigger in proportion to the size of your screen. This time around in Mole Kart 2 Evolution, the characters and karts are bigger, and they’ve even added a drift button to slide around turns. As you race past fiery dragons, slide through arrowed speed boosts and jumps, be sure to grab coins and question marks. Oh yeah, sometimes I forget not everyone has played Mario Kart. You grab question marks in the road which gives you the ability to speed boost, toss bombs, and even the Mario Kart shrinking lighting. You can shake the iPhone when you are flying over jumps to go faster, and grab coins to spend on characters, tracks, and tune ups.

There’s a story mode with 58 stages where you’ll need to beat certain times, grab a certain amount of coins to earn stars and tracks, or just play in Quick Race mode. I said in my first review, “Mole Kart will be a really fun iPhone game with a few good updates”, Mole Kart 2 Evolution has done that.

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SplitApple By MKO Games iPhone Review


Since archery was one of the most watched sports of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I figured it was time to find a solid iPhone game to give you your bullseye fix. I’ve downloaded a slew of archery iPhone games, and the only one that met most of my expectations was SplitApple. The graphics resemble a 3D painting as you stare down the bullseye, surrounded by swaying trees and city neighborhoods in the backdrop.

To fire your arrow, all you have to do is slide your finger down the button to zoom in, move your iPhone around to aim, and let go. What keeps the game realistic and challenging, is you can choose different wind directions, change the target distance, and even change to moving targets. Feeling confident, see if you can slice apples in half hanging from the trees to get bonus points. I even love the accent when the game say’s “spleet apple”, or “bools eye”.

You’ll keep this app for awhile as you can compare your scores on the leaderboard, and choose from five different playing options. PRACTICE before you embarrass yourself on the leaderboard, CHALLENGE switches up distance and targets, shoot fast in TIME TRIALS if you’re flight attendant said “please turn off all electronic devices”, SURVIVAL, miss the target and lose an arrow, hit a bull or apple, gain arrows. Finally there’s POP UP where you aim at random targets that, you guessed it, pop up. Don’t like the direction you have to move your iPhone to aim? No problem, in options you can change that as well as change the bow side if you’re left handed.

I was hoping to find an Olympic archery game so I could nervously wait for the right moment to let go of the arrow as it sticks in the bullseye to beat Italy! SplitApple and its multiple price options including a free version, is not a brand new app to meet that Summer Olympic expectation, but it doesn’t matter, because I’ve yet to find something better in its category!

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Arrow Mania By GMT Development iPhone Review

I enjoyed Arrow Mania because I love when I see a puzzle/race iPhone game with a little originality! You are a metal orb(round object), and your goal is to reach the finish line in the fastest time moving left and right using magnets. “What did he just say?” On your way to the finish line, you can do things like pull back to aim and shoot arrows at planes dropping bombs, pop balloons, or shoot at targets to ride up or down the elevators. Make sure you don’t shoot the birds, they get pretty mad!

The free version of Arrow Mania, you’re given a limited amount of levels, but if you choose to buy the paid version for a small price, you’ll get 30. You can also change the level of difficulty to make it more difficult to beat your best times, which makes it a little more challenging with things like faster bombs, and harder to knock down planes. This is the first iPhone app for GMT Development, and I hope with some good reviews, we’ll see some more levels soon for Arrow Mania!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!