Fast Camera By i4software iPhone Review

Fast Camera is a very user friendly app where you can take a high number of photos very quickly. How many times have you asked someone at a restaurant to take a picture of your family only to find out the picture was terrible? You can interrupt the random photo taker again, or just delete the photo and try again next family reunion. Why don’t we just avoid the issue all together and download this fantastic camera app!

Here’s how easy it is to end up with the most memorable photos no matter the situation. When you first open Fast Camera your screen is already taking pictures for you, that way you don’t miss that crazy lightning strike or meteor shower. All you have to do is push the start button to begin taking pictures, and hit the stop button when you want to stop. At the top you have a settings button, light options, front or rear camera, and a plus+ sign for some tutorials and info. You’ll see how many pictures are being taken at the bottom left as it increases, and you can hit that or push the review button to view your compiled photos. What I love about the review page is the fact that none of the pictures taken have been saved to your camera roll until you say so. From here you can select which photos to preview, delete, or save to your iPhone. You can also save to Cinemagram, or even turn those photos into a video. You might be saying to yourself why wouldn’t I just use my normal camera app to take a video? See how long it takes with your normal camera app to take that cute picture of your dog, then switch over to video to start recording. Yeah, much easier to use Fast Camera instead.

That’s as deep as the app gets, but you also have some great setting features at your fingertips. Inside the settings options is where you can decide how your Fast Camera works. You can change the delay between pictures from a 1/10 of a second all the way up to five minutes, if your capturing the movement of a turtle. I recommend turning on folders which separates the photos taken each time you start and stop taking pictures. Along the same lines you can also set the maximum number of photos Fast Camera will take, otherwise you’ll be stuck searching through a thousand pictures. There’s a few other features, but the last one I’ll cover is the timer. It’s tough enough taking a good picture with your phone, it’s even harder to try and set a timer and run as fast as you can before your picture is taken. You have four timer options 3, 5, 10, or 30 seconds. This is a nice feature so you can stand next to your friends and take a bunch of serious and goofy pictures and be done with it. You know what I’m talking about ladies, “I don’t like the way I look, we have to do it again!”

Overall Fast Camera is one of those apps that I’ll probably keep on my iPhone for awhile as it’s useful and glitch free so far. The only thing missing is the option to zoom, but lets be honest zooming in at all kills the quality. i4software has a good amount of apps in the App Store, and they seem to appeal to iPhone users with decent ratings. Thanks for finding this app for me dad!

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Talkler By Talkler Labs iPhone Review


Talkler is an iPhone app using your voice to scroll through your emails, read your emails aloud, as well as reply by speaking. I’ll make it real simple for you, if the fact that Siri can not read your emails bothers you, then you’ll love this app. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what a frequent traveler on the road needs to safely manage their email, and Talkler Labs has put those needs into their iPhone app.

When you first begin, it’s easy to add an email account like gmail and yahoo, but I’m sure it’s up to your employer if you can access their email server. Once you are set up, take a quick walk through, and you are ready to go. You should see a magnified list of your emails to scroll through like your normal iPhone email inbox, and I suggest you start by clicking the Talkler Tips light bulb. Scroll through the numerous things you can ask Talkler to do with your emails, as well as some very useful touch features. I guess you’d like to start reading emails now, so go ahead and hold your home button like Siri. Just kidding! I wouldn’t review an app that boring, instead put your hands behind your back and say “HEY TALKLER!” Without touch, you can now ask Talkler to do whatever it is you need to do.

The best feature is once Talkler starts reading your email. In a large font teleprompter format, you’ll hear your email read in a better than Siri voice, that follows whatever is on your screen. What that means for you is you can simply scroll forward or backward to whatever you would like read again, or see if your friend really just wrote “badunkadunk”. No more triple click VoiceOver or highlight to speak, just tell Talkler what to do, and chances are it’ll do it!

Here are just a few of the one’s I like to ask following “HEY TALKLER!”: “check for new mail”, “read unread messages”, “trash this one”, “record a reply”, “speak slower”, “what was that?”, and my favorite, “Help Me!” We all speak in different ways, so you can change any of the above commands to something else like, instead of “what was that?”, you can say “could you repeat that?”, or “I didn’t get that.” Without having to list every phrase, you get the picture that the command list is plentiful. With “record a reply”, you can record a voice response that sends an mp3 file to open. That way, if you need to respond quickly, you don’t have to worry about grammar or inflection. Like any voice activation, I’ve repeated some commands that must think I’m saying something else, but maybe I just need to try and say it another way.

The touch features are very useful, and you shouldn’t have to look at your phone to use them. On top of easily going back or forward, you can touch your email to pause/resume, pinch your fingers to delete an email, swipe left to see your next email, or right to see the previous. Talkler is free to use, but they do have a monthly or yearly fee if you want to remove ads, but that’s completely up to you. Whether you are blind, can’t see like you used to, or are constantly checking your email while driving, Talkler is a must try!

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Waze By Waze Inc iPhone Review

I was really trying not to do an iphone app review on Waze because it’s that’s good of a GPS app and it’s completely free. So if you don’t all ready have Waze, you will after this review if you’re struggling for a better travel app. If you own an iPhone I don’t need to tell you how poor the maps program is compared to any iPhone app out there. If you’re like me, you probably searched through all the GPS apps, and refused to pay a high price for something you can’t try first.

Waze gives you what you’ve been looking for at the low price of FREE! You get 3D maps, zoom, speed, voice directions, automatic recalculation, multiple routes, search categories, I could probably add ten more commas to this sentence. Think you’ll only use GPS when you don’t know how to get somewhere? Waze allows users to update speed traps, accidents, gas, construction, new roads, and more. That way, you will always want to have Waze on so you know everything between you and your destination. I could tell you about the meet ups and who’s got the most points depending on how much you report stuff, but if all you want is a good GPS app for free, it’s time to download!

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Augmented Car Finder By AugmentedWorks iPhone Review

“This happens every time, you never pay attention!” Have you heard something similar to that before when you’ve walked around for 30 minutes looking for your car? You could probably find 100 car finding iPhone apps, but what I love about Augmented Car Finder is you get out of your car, you click “Save a new position!”, and you’re done. When you are ready to head back to the car just open the iPhone app, and hold it out in front of you. With Augmented Reality you’ll follow the directions while looking at your live camera screen. Hold your iPhone in front of you and follow your screen, or avoid tripping by holding your phone towards the ground and follow the arrow. Never will you ever forget where you parked again.

I’ve used Augmented Car Finder at airport parking garages five days after leaving town, and downtown Saturday nights after a few beers and lost brain cells. Most importantly I’ve used the app at concerts, where you head back in the dark to a sea of 10,000 vehicles in a muddy parking lot with complete accuracy. Don’t end up in a Seinfeld episode looking for Kramer’s car in a parking garage, and just give Augmented Car Finder a try.

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