Creature Stumble By Asymmetry Games iPhone Review


Get ready for some nonstop creature killing pinball with loads of power-ups and physics! In Creature Stumble you’ll slingshot metal balls and try and kill all the little creatures in each level. In your way is a wacky world of rocks, bombs, power-ups, and black holes to bounce you around the screen. Sometimes it helps to aim your shot, but most of the time plan on some crazy chaotic pinball physics to knock out your creatures.

I was fortunate to test Creature Stumble prerelease, and it’s always good news when I like the game as opposed to having to say, “um, please don’t release your game to world”. What’s great about testing apps is being able to provide important feedback and fixes so you never see it. My first concern was the need for a tutorial so you and I understand everything that is happening. They did add a small tutorial on the first level, but I would have liked to see more information about each feature. I also wanted to see a little bit larger objects because we all know the iPhone screen is limited, and the monsters are a bit hard to see. Through the testing process the developers determined this was the size that worked best. What caught my eye in Creature Stumble was the vibrant level menu screen which has 4 chapter locations to flip through. Plan on opening the app a lot because you have 40 levels to complete before you can unlock the next chapter and so on.

Each level allows you three metal balls to kill the creatures or you lose. As long as you are continuously bouncing around or the slingshot magnetizes your ball back for another shot, you are fine. When you hit the grass below your ball will eventually slow down and stop, or you might end up hitting some spiky rocks. The good news is some levels have multiple slingshots for you to magnetize to. Depending on how well you do you can get up to 3 stars per level as well as points for all your bouncing and creature killing. You really are at the mercy of the game as each object does its own thing whether the rock can be broken, a different bounce, and even some gravity spots. That’s where the pinball feel comes in as you could literally sit there and watch your ball bounce every which way for several minutes.

So there you go, 160 levels of insane slingshot pinball physics action at your fingertips. I find myself saying, “oh my god hit the last darn monster already!”, so be prepare to waste plenty of time in a mad bouncing frenzy with some pretty fun sounds as well. This is the first game for Asymmetry Games and what a great start. So be one of the first to download Creature Stumble, because WuzAPPenin thinks it’s sure to be a hit!





Caveman Golf By Hello Simpson iPhone Review


Caveman Golf is another game I was fortunate to test and offer my feedback on before being released. The first thing that caught my eye probably a year ago was the fantastic app icon that tells your mind to stop here when flipping through the App Store. The caveman is one of those characters you can see turning into a brand of t-shirts and stuffed animals. A little early for that talk, but it has a nice family feel to it to play with your kids.

You’ll have 18 levels to unlock blasting various Dino’s with rocks by swinging your caveman club. Depending on how many rocks you swing at to clear the level, you’ll receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal. If you get a gold medal on all 18 levels (1 shot per level), a secret infinite level will be unlocked! We’ll get to that in a minute, but lets first go over the Caveman Golf game itself.

The swing of your caveman club is not as easy as you might think, or maybe it is, guess you’ll have to see for yourself. You flick the screen at the angle you want to aim, but you also have to choose the right speed and length of your touch. Because it’s not as easy as a simple flick, you may find yourself needing a mulligan or prehistoric bomb. Caveman Golf is free with the ability to remove ads with a .99ยข purchase of 3 mulligans to help you get the gold, or 3 Dino Blasts to blow everything to pieces. Each level contains a mix of green Dino’s, egg dropping Pterodactyl’s, and a head bobbing Ankylosaur. Your screen is also carefully filled with obstacles like rock and wood which can help you or hurt you depending on your flicking skills.

As I said earlier if you receive a gold medal on all 18 Caveman Golf levels you’ll unlock an infinite level of Dino’s coming for you. Swing as fast as your Caveman can or be killed by a slew of Dino’s flying at you! You can challenge your friends through the Game Center and see who can last the longest. Literally you may need someone to bring you food while you survive for hours!

I was able to solve most levels with ease, so Caveman Golf isn’t going to be much of a challenge for most. I think it’s a perfect game though to entertain your kids with a real part of history in a fun way. For a first game from the Schuster’s at Hello Simpson, I think it’s a great start to a game that has a lot of future potential. The graphics grab you, the idea is fun, and Caveman Golf is the beginning to bringing the prehistoric times back alive!




Flight Lander By Francisco Vera iPhone Review


Get ready to land planes, helicopters, and even blimps without crashing into each other and a slew of other obstacles! In Flight Lander you’ll draw paths to land as many of your planes as possible before crashing. If you’ve played Flight Control before you’ll love Flight Lander with its bright colors and eye popping scenery. I was fortunate to be able to test and offer my ideas to the Vera brothers as I was very impressed with their first game FatMole. I state that because I am biased since they allowed me to stay in contact and offer my feedback, but I still promise to always offer an honest review. When you first begin you can add your pilot name or connect through Facebook. You can try Flight Lander free first with new levels being unlocked every three days(turn on notifications), or you can unlock all levels for a small price.

To begin playing you’ll scroll through the sphere planet filled with levels to choose from. When you first try Flight Lander you will start with the Aircraft Carrier level that doesn’t contain any enemies or obstacles to warm you up. As you look down on the Aircraft Carrier surrounded by blue waters, you draw a path from each plane or helicopter to the correct runway. As you draw your path a green line will follow and show you which runway your plane needs to land on. If you draw an incorrect landing path you’ll see a yellow line instead. For instance you can’t just land a helicopter anywhere you want, so you’ll be instructed to land on the Helicopter landing area. As your planes approach the runway they’ll make one final dive so you know you’ve landed. On the bottom left one option I really like is the turbo arrow. What this does is speed up all your planes which adds a little difficulty as well as faster gameplay. If things get too difficult all you have to do is hit it again to slow things down.

I really like the fact that each level has its own unique location and strategy which keeps things exciting. Currently you will find 10 different locations including Aircraft Carrier, Volcanoes, Dunes, Icebergs, Mountains, Pyramids, Islands, Asteroids, Canyons, and the City. Doing nothing but drawing a path for each location can get boring quick which is why I like some of the added features in Flight Lander. In the Islands level instead of landing planes you are tasked with aerial refueling and fixing planes. Some of the other great features to keep you engaged are avoiding asteroids, plane shaking wind gusts, and even a plane grabbing skyscraper jumping gorilla! For you in app purchasers Flight Lander offers a way to deactivate hazards, draw landing paths while planes are frozen, or wipe away every plane on the screen if you’ve lost control. The price of these cheats might be too pricy for some, but the good news is each one is a permanent purchase that can be used once per game.

For you score junkies, on top of beating your Facebook friends Flight Lander offers some stats, awards for accomplishing things, and level ups based on number of landings. The game seems to run smoothly with few errors, and if I could find something wrong I’d like to see larger planes and larger runways, or maybe I just have large fingers! Being an Indie Developer is difficult enough, breaking into the U.S. App Store when you don’t live here is even harder. That’s why I’m excited to watch the Vera brothers and RoomLabDev team grow. You can lose a few hours trying to beat your Friends best scores in Flight Lander, so be prepared for some nail biting, heart pumping, air traffic control fun! So go ahead and give Flight Lander a try for free and see if you like it.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!




Wacky Rapids By Paw Print Games

Any iPhone game that involves racing in the water I download. In Wacky Rapids you’ll race in a tube down river rapids against wacky cartoonish characters. If you’re expecting an in your face 3D experience, you will not get that. The view is looking down on the cartoonish river starting from the top of your iPhone flowing downwards. The game is simple to play, but not as easy to win. To control, Wacky Rapids will automatically calibrate how you hold your iPhone, and then just tilt left and right to steer.

As you race down rapids like Cowboy Canyon or Icy Falls, you’ll slide over jumps for some extra speed, or grab some stars to build up a boost and spend in the store. Be careful as you’ll need to avoid obstacles like the canyon walls, sand, or random buoys that slow you down. The best part is snatching question marks like Mario Kart to slow down your opponents with different weapons. Some of those weapons are ice cubes, give someone the crabs, well shoot them with a crab. You can also drop a tornado behind you, water bomb, or stop everyone with lightning. It’s nice to see Paw Print came up with their own neat ideas.

Wacky Rapids consists of seven different location settings with four different courses including Volcano Mountain and Pirate Cove. Like many low price apps, if you want to unlock rapids early or use new characters and tube upgrades, Paw Prints has In-App Purchases. Otherwise you’ll need to complete different fun missions and collect stars to unlock the next rapid or spend your stars on tubes and immunities. Don’t worry Game Center lovers, you’ll be able to see your stats as well as challenge friends achievements.

What I enjoy about Wacky Rapids is the racing and completing of missions. Trying to maintain a lead or catching up by drifting another tube and shooting them at the last second, is a blast. Some of the missions are jumping and lighting up all the stars on the down ramp, or turning a certain number of characters into ice cubes. Overall I really can’t think of anything to complain about other than it takes awhile to collect enough stars to buy things, and the menus a little confusing. This is the first iPhone game for Paw Prints in the App Store, and what a start!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!




Chromasphere By redmotion games iPhone Review

Chromasphere is a tilting sphere action game where you’ll find excellent 3D graphics and some great features! Normally I’m not into the whole labyrinth genre, but Chromasphere is labyrinth on steroids and EPO’s. Too soon? You’re challenged with four worlds each containing six fairly short levels to complete. Each level begins with a nice fly by as if you were playing Tiger Woods golf, so you can view where you need to go and what obstacles will be in your way.

You’ll begin by falling from an electric forcefield onto the platform before beginning to roll. Tilt your iPhone forwards, backwards, left or right to head in the direction of choice. You can also touch the screen with one finger and the camera view will look in the opposite direction. That’s not all, hold down with one finger and slide around to view what is going on around you. The only way you’ll die is by falling off the edge of a platform to wherever dead spheres end up, so keep your balance.

Chromasphere has been WuzAPPenin approved because of the excellent graphics, but most of all the decent amount of features to keep you entertained. As you do your best balancing act, grab four of the same crystal colors to turn your sphere that color. Doing this is a must because you’ll need to open different doors of the same color, or cross colored bridges. If you haven’t filled up with crystals or have a color saved on your screen for later use, you can’t go through. Different moving obstacles and moving platforms will keep you from finishing the level. Roll onto numerous moving platforms as if you were taking a raft to an island. Be careful, if you can’t maintain your balance it’s another trip to wherever dead spheres go. Don’t worry, on most levels you’ll see a bright light on the ground that acts as a save point in case you die. Some levels can be difficult for the casual gamer, so having a save point has kept me from pulling my hair out.

On top of everything you can do in Chromasphere whether by touch or tilt, you can also beat your fastest times to grab a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Get even faster by racing your ghost if you want, or compete scores with friends in Game Center.

I always enjoy a good options menu and Chromasphere seems to have that, but falls short with the size of the button sliders. You can play the game in the background and change options real time to see what each setting would look like. For instance you can slide to flat or upright depending on if you are sitting in a chair or reclined. The problem is it’s backwards, and the sliders are so small it’s difficult to control them. I also don’t like that it’s missing one of the easier objective C methods, the rotate option. For some reason I feel with all the options and how cool Chromasphere looks, I should be able to turn my iPhone around which can be important if you are plugged in.

Bottom line is none of the negatives are part of your gaming experience, and I’m sure we’ll get some updates as redmotion games has already put out an iPad update within the first month of release. This is redmotions first game in the App Store, and Chromasphere is an awesome way to start.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!