Weather-Cam By Ruqqia Begum iPhone Review


Do you live somewhere south like Florida or Southern California and never get to see snow? Maybe you’re tired of seeing your friends pictures and videos on Facebook of their white Christmas. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could post the same videos of your family? Wait for it….yep, there’s an app for that. With Weather-Cam you can take pictures and videos and add animated snow, hail, rain, or lightning. You also have the option to switch on realistic sounds as well as choose an existing picture from your photo album.

If you enjoy photo apps we all know the App Store is flooded with all different kinds. That’s why it’s so important that apps like Weather-Cam get reviewed if they have any chance of success. This is the first app for Ruqqia Begum who is from the UK, and I think it’s a very good start for what she wanted to accomplish. At the same time it is a first app, and some of the weather effects could be more realistic. Most of them work much better if you are actually outside. If you plan on using the rain you’ll need to make sure the rain drops are even with the ground, and the lightning could be more in the background instead of right in your face.

The app itself is nicely put together with a storm background and only sliders and buttons you need. To take a video or picture all you have to do is choose your effect, and then decide if you want to take a picture or video with a simple radio button. This is also where you would choose an existing picture. If I were to pick my favorite features in Weather-Cam it would be taking videos using the snow effect. Taking a video of your dog with real-time snow and swirling winds feels and sounds pretty realistic. I can see it now, Facebook Post: “Look at my Becca playing in the snow waiting for Santa to come”. Well I raise your Becca with a video of me in the pool in the middle of a snow storm!

Of course you must have a way to save your pictures and videos, and once you click capture to take your photo/video, you are given the option to save to your library or share on Facebook. We’ve all seen apps that forget to navigate you easily through their screens, and Weather-Cam does not fail that category. I never asked myself what should I click next, and if you need to cancel something there is always an option. So if you’re a photo and video app altering lover, it’s time to cough up .99ยข because Weather-Cam has taken the App Store by storm!





My Dog Talks! By Appy Ever After iPhone Review


Most of us have downloaded an app similar to Beardify or Fatify just to make someone laugh, and My Dog Talks is no different. If you are a lover of dogs you will definitely waste some time trying to make funny animated dog talking faces. Created by a family of four and a Roxy, a fun idea became a reality.

To start, my Dog Talks has the type of graphics I love to see. So many apps throw tons of buttons at your face with small letters you can’t read. You won’t come across that issue as you will find just the buttons you need to use. Those consist of a camera button to take a picture, camera roll to choose an existing dog picture, and a dog park to find saved pictures you’ve created in the app.

So what’s going to make you decide to download the app? Well if you love your dog like I love my Morgee, it’s funny to see what it would look like if your dog could talk. I figure my dog would say something like, “you have some serious issues dad”, or, “I can’t believe you let me lick your face after I clean myself”. A decent picture of your dogs face at a reasonable distance and angle is a must if you want My Dog Talks to work. You’ll find out when you try to pinch and drag the guide over your dogs face if the picture won’t work. Once you have the right photo lined up you can easily flip through six different mouths to cover your dogs face. The bad news is there is currently only six and I would love to see more options. The human mouth list consists of a smile, a woman’s lips, braces, a cigar, missing teeth, and vampire teeth. Once you’ve lined up your mouth of choice you can preview the mouth opening and then move on to deciding your dogs voice.

My Dog Talks gives you a few voice options like a high pitched or low pitched voice, but I like to use my own voice. Hopefully you’re not like me where you end up giving your dog the voice of Counsuela or Mr. Herbert from Family Guy. One neat feature before you hit record for your first of many takes is you can just talk and your dog will repeat it. You can easily record what you want your dog to say and just as easily watch your dog talk to you, but it will need to be a short video or it won’t work. The mouth of your dog should open and close as if to go along with what you recorded. It’s not perfect, but if you’re in a quiet room and speak clearly it’s actually pretty accurate. Once you’re set on a video you can simply drop it to your camera roll, or share it in the usual social media ways.

You won’t find tons of features to mess around with, but everything you are given makes it easy to create long lasting dog memories. My Dog Talks colors are attractive, everything is quick, and I’ve yet to find any errors. Even better news is Appy Ever After offers a portion of their profits to homeless dogs. So go ahead and download My Dog Talks as you’re sure to get a few laughs by yourself, on Facebook, or even at a party!