Snapguide By Heavy Bits iPhone Review


Have you ever had trouble getting ink off your skin, wanted to make an iPhone speaker, or wanted to make homemade Cheez-its? Well maybe not those things, but I’m sure there’s a lot of things you thought about making but didn’t know how or thought possible. Now you’ve been given that opportunity for free with Snapguide for your iPhone. Sure the Internet is loaded with anything you want to learn, but wouldn’t it be nice to find all the how-to’s in one place? Here’s how it works. Scroll through a beautiful list of featured, categorized, popular, or recent guides. You also have the option to search for something specific like, fix a slow iPhone home button. Once you find something interesting you can click on the guide, view the supplies tab, and swipe sideways to see step by step directions. While viewing a guide you can click the like button, or use the jump to option to select a specific step with ease. Each page can contain text directions, pictures, as well as videos. Once you reach the final step you can follow the guide creator, share on social media, or leave a comment. Comments are crucial as anyone can create a guide, so it’s good to know in advance if you’re wasting your time. The views of each step are clear and easy to read, making it real hard to mess up.

So I’ve told you how to find guides to try, what about creating your own guide to share? All you have to do is click the orange create button, type your guide name, and you’re ready to rock. Next you can add supply quantities like 2 cups of sugar and a 1/2 cup of milk. After that all you have to do is create as many steps as you need easily dropping in text, photos, and video. Once your guide is complete, add a featured image for your cover, choose a topic, and click publish. Maybe add a step between choose a topic and publish to go back and make sure everything is correct.

When the Internet first came to be, people began filling it with information for others to find. Same thing goes for Snapguide which came out in February 2012, so the more people you share this review with, the more guides will be created. There’s no doubt in my mind Snapguide will become a big hit. It’s useful, everyone is sharing, and it’s put together perfectly!

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MarleeSigns By MEDL Mobile iPhone Review

20130106-184308.jpg Everyone loves the beautiful and talented Marlee Matlin, so who better to begin learning Sign Language (ASL) from? MarleeSigns is a beginners app to learn to spell and memorize useful words in Sign Language. You’ll be able to easily navigate through smooth, crystal clear video of Marlee showing you how to spell from A to Z, and learn to sign words and phrases like “thank you”, “how are you”, and “have a nice day”!

My favorite tool in MarleeSigns is the spell feature, which enables you to spell any word you want twelve letters or less. Just simply type a word into the search, and you’ll see Marlee’s hand sign your word back to you, with a karaoke letter by letter feature. Missed a sign? No problem, just swipe to see the previous letter signed. You can even switch hands in the picture if you’re left handed, or hide your word and show a full screen sign. Okay maybe I lied, the true best feature of MarleeSigns is the fact it’s free! So many iPhone apps are free these days, and I think it’s pretty amazing to have the ability to learn a very important language, from the most famous deaf woman since Helen Keller for no charge.

The last feature of Marlee Signs does involve money, but that is completely up to you if you so choose. There are currently five different lesson packs from Marlee, if you want to take your Sign Language skills to the next level for a $1.99 each. Overall, you really can’t ask for more from a beautifully created app. If you’re looking to learn Sign Language (ASL), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give MarleeSigns a try.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!