SplitApple By MKO Games iPhone Review


Since archery was one of the most watched sports of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I figured it was time to find a solid iPhone game to give you your bullseye fix. I’ve downloaded a slew of archery iPhone games, and the only one that met most of my expectations was SplitApple. The graphics resemble a 3D painting as you stare down the bullseye, surrounded by swaying trees and city neighborhoods in the backdrop.

To fire your arrow, all you have to do is slide your finger down the button to zoom in, move your iPhone around to aim, and let go. What keeps the game realistic and challenging, is you can choose different wind directions, change the target distance, and even change to moving targets. Feeling confident, see if you can slice apples in half hanging from the trees to get bonus points. I even love the accent when the game say’s “spleet apple”, or “bools eye”.

You’ll keep this app for awhile as you can compare your scores on the leaderboard, and choose from five different playing options. PRACTICE before you embarrass yourself on the leaderboard, CHALLENGE switches up distance and targets, shoot fast in TIME TRIALS if you’re flight attendant said “please turn off all electronic devices”, SURVIVAL, miss the target and lose an arrow, hit a bull or apple, gain arrows. Finally there’s POP UP where you aim at random targets that, you guessed it, pop up. Don’t like the direction you have to move your iPhone to aim? No problem, in options you can change that as well as change the bow side if you’re left handed.

I was hoping to find an Olympic archery game so I could nervously wait for the right moment to let go of the arrow as it sticks in the bullseye to beat Italy! SplitApple and its multiple price options including a free version, is not a brand new app to meet that Summer Olympic expectation, but it doesn’t matter, because I’ve yet to find something better in its category!

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Athletics: Summer Sports By Tangram3D iPhone Review

Don’t even try to tell me you’re not loving the Summer Olympics right now. I’ve been searching for a decent Olympic game app, and I finally found one in Athletics: Summer Sports. Take your country through 30 different events, and 5 competitions like triathlons and decathlons to compete for gold.

The games 3D graphics are very good for the iPhone, and I love how many different sports you can play to keep you coming back. If you want to do things like swim, run, long jump, javelin, or row, you’ll need to tap the screen repeatedly as fast as you can if you plan on winning a gold medal. Not so fast, if it’s one of the longer races, you’ll need to change your tapping pace to conserve energy just like Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin! Lets get inspired people, you think this is a joke? Get ready to sweat, give up, even cry, as you battle to beat real scores across the world!

Athletics: Summer Sports doesn’t have every Olympic event, but with other sports like diving, fencing, archery, and pistol shooting, there are plenty of events to keep you playing and competing with friends on the leaderboard. You can even split the screen to get you and your lovers blood flowing! If I could add an update, different ways to touch the screen when playing an event would be better, and a difficulty option, as you better plan on losing unless you are a real fast tapping Olympian.

Tangram3D has really taken their time with this app, and I hope with great reviews, we’ll get more sports and features like the yellow world record line. If you’re watching every minute of the Summer Olympics and looking to join in on the medals in the laziest way possible, well except for the finger exercises, Athletics: Summer Sports is the app for you.

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Score! By First Touch Games iPhone Review

If you enjoy a good iPhone soccer aka football game, Score! Classic Goals Is the app for you. It’s not a full season play as Ronaldo and win the Championship, it’s not even a flick the ball and kick penalty or free kicks. Score! is a soccer game where you recreate memorable goals from the past, off plays like free kicks and corner kicks.

Instead of flicking or touching a button, you draw your path to the goal on the screen. Sound easy? The control and accuracy of where you draw your path is spot on, not to mention the graphics are nothing to complain about. So if you draw your pass just a tad off, the defender will steal the ball. You have a button to view the correct path to draw for help, move the camera around the screen to see who’s in your way, and bend passes around defenders before one touching it pass the goalie.

Score! will keep you busy with 420 levels,140 memorable goals, and different difficulty modes to keep it interesting. I could review a 100 soccer apps, but if you’ve read other WuzAPPenin reviews, you know something needs to be original, and Score is a must download.

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Darts Night By Appshen Limited iPhone Review

If you like to play darts, you will
love Darts Night. The graphics are impecable, and the physics of swiping the darts for an iPhone app are excellent! If I’m going to pay to play an game of darts on my iPhone, I want it to take some skill, and feel like I’m flicking a dart with some accuracy, and you get that. You can play games like 301, 501, and Round the Clock. There are some challenges, and you can play against the computer, pass and play, or online. I like that it shows you your three dart totals at the top, and what you need to hit to win out in your game.

The bad with Darts Night, but hopefully easily updated, is you can only play a limited number of games(no cricket). I would love to see all the games you would see on an electronic dartboard like Killer, Shanghai, and Golf to name a few. Appshen does have another dart iPhone game with some of the other games, but you would have to get both iPhone apps to play more games currently. It’s also tough to see exactly what you hit, was that a triple 20? That’s enough complaining, because the bottom line is Darts Night is a very well put together iPhone game, and can’t wait to see what else they make!

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Pool Break By Kinetic Bytes iPhone Review

It takes me back to college waiting for my turn to play pool in a bar and someone yells out, “that’s my quarter!” Instead of getting into a drunk altercation with a bunch of frat boys, Pool Break will give you a nice 360 degree 3D pool game, and a ton of games and options. When I tell you the graphics and smoothness of Pool Break are amazing for an iphone, I mean it. Kinetic Bytes did not want to leave anything out of their game, so you’ll have to explore the numerous options yourself.

You can play 8 ball, 9 ball, Snooker, Crokinole, and many more. You can play others online easily and it will even notify you when online players are available to easily start a game. Changing the look of the table and background is easy, but figuring out what each option does can be difficult. To play Pool Break you slide back your stick, pinch and move around the screen to aim, and press the red shoot button. I do like the fact there has been multiple updates, and you can now slide back and flick forward as another option to shoot.

If I could add one feature it would be to have the camera follow your shot. Unless you are zoomed out, you won’t see where your shot ends up unless you move your screen real quick. You can try Pool Break Free first if you don’t trust me, but I’m confident you’ll end up buying the paid version if you’re a pool fanatic.

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