Wacky Rapids By Paw Print Games

Any iPhone game that involves racing in the water I download. In Wacky Rapids you’ll race in a tube down river rapids against wacky cartoonish characters. If you’re expecting an in your face 3D experience, you will not get that. The view is looking down on the cartoonish river starting from the top of your iPhone flowing downwards. The game is simple to play, but not as easy to win. To control, Wacky Rapids will automatically calibrate how you hold your iPhone, and then just tilt left and right to steer.

As you race down rapids like Cowboy Canyon or Icy Falls, you’ll slide over jumps for some extra speed, or grab some stars to build up a boost and spend in the store. Be careful as you’ll need to avoid obstacles like the canyon walls, sand, or random buoys that slow you down. The best part is snatching question marks like Mario Kart to slow down your opponents with different weapons. Some of those weapons are ice cubes, give someone the crabs, well shoot them with a crab. You can also drop a tornado behind you, water bomb, or stop everyone with lightning. It’s nice to see Paw Print came up with their own neat ideas.

Wacky Rapids consists of seven different location settings with four different courses including Volcano Mountain and Pirate Cove. Like many low price apps, if you want to unlock rapids early or use new characters and tube upgrades, Paw Prints has In-App Purchases. Otherwise you’ll need to complete different fun missions and collect stars to unlock the next rapid or spend your stars on tubes and immunities. Don’t worry Game Center lovers, you’ll be able to see your stats as well as challenge friends achievements.

What I enjoy about Wacky Rapids is the racing and completing of missions. Trying to maintain a lead or catching up by drifting another tube and shooting them at the last second, is a blast. Some of the missions are jumping and lighting up all the stars on the down ramp, or turning a certain number of characters into ice cubes. Overall I really can’t think of anything to complain about other than it takes awhile to collect enough stars to buy things, and the menus a little confusing. This is the first iPhone game for Paw Prints in the App Store, and what a start!

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Riptide GP By Vector Unit iPhone Review


I rarely download racing games because the controls just never feel right for me, no matter how incredible the graphics are. Well, for some reason I must have been in a FREE downloading mood that day, and I came across Riptide GP. Choose from different jet skis, and race through choppy river waters that bring you right into the screen. [WARNING: DON’T PLAY IN THE RAIN STANDING BY YOURSELF] I decided to review Riptide GP mainly because you can swipe your fingers in different directions to perform tricks off jumps. Who wants to wait for the big yellow jumps? See a nice wave, do a trick off that as well! If you land a trick, you can hit the boost and hit warp speed for a few seconds.

The rest of the game has the same features as other racing games, where you can unlock crafts and new races. The menus are very user friendly for your option to choose from Race, Hot Lap, or Championship. You can change the controls, but I like the default tilt your screen to turn, and touch the left side to brake. Riptide GP is really a fun racing game if you want to get your feet wet for a bit. Also, if you use the word “y’all”, or maybe “jeet?” to ask a question when hungry, try Shine Runner!

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Booty Diver Free By Donnerwood Media iPhone Review

Be careful playing Booty Diver as I found myself gasping for air. The 3D graphics are pretty good for an underwater iPhone game which is a bare app store category. You are a scuba diver grabbing items like treasure chests, crowns, and air tanks before you run out of air or are eaten by sharks. Booty Diver has six dive sights to choose from, and you begin atop the peacefully realistic ocean waters. The good news is if the sound is on, you get a jaws like sound to warn you a shark is at your toes, but if the sound is off, swim for your life!

Sometimes I just feel like pretending i’m underwater away from it all while at work or on the couch, and Booty Diver is an iPhone game that gives me that feeling. To control your diver you move your finger around the screen to swim, and tilt your iphone to look around as well. It’s by no means an action feature packed game, but I’ve been searching for a good underwater game for awhile because as I said, it’s a bare app store category. I’d love to see some updates to be able to harpoon the sharks, or maybe even get in the boat and drive to different locations. If I needed to categorize Donnerwood Media based on what they have in the App Store so far, they are all about the 3D graphics, and Booty Diver Free is worth a download.

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Shark Adventures By Sunrise Software iPhone Review

I felt myself trying to find some sort of underwater iPhone game, and really found nothing until Shark Adventures. You are a male or female scuba diver who will dive into the depths of the ocean snatching up a slue of different fish. Try and grab multiple of the same fish in a row, and you’ll rack up more combo points to spend in the store. You can buy better air tanks, scuba gear, depth, a harpoon to kill sharks, and many other gadgets.

As you buy more, you will be able to go deeper into the caves of the ocean, and finally find the treasure to move on to the next ocean somewhere else. No problem right? Except for the fact there are a ton of painful creatures and flesh eating sharks! Shark Adventures is all around enjoyable for those deep sea fishing finatics. There’s almost a peaceful feeling to the game, if being alone where nobody can hear you scream is relaxing.

There is a free version which gives you plenty to try, and if you enjoy like I did, you can purchase their iPhone app for a few bucks. Shark Adventures looks like the only iPhone game from Sunrise so far, buy clearly they know what they are doing, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!