Flight Lander By Francisco Vera iPhone Review


Get ready to land planes, helicopters, and even blimps without crashing into each other and a slew of other obstacles! In Flight Lander you’ll draw paths to land as many of your planes as possible before crashing. If you’ve played Flight Control before you’ll love Flight Lander with its bright colors and eye popping scenery. I was fortunate to be able to test and offer my ideas to the Vera brothers as I was very impressed with their first game FatMole. I state that because I am biased since they allowed me to stay in contact and offer my feedback, but I still promise to always offer an honest review. When you first begin you can add your pilot name or connect through Facebook. You can try Flight Lander free first with new levels being unlocked every three days(turn on notifications), or you can unlock all levels for a small price.

To begin playing you’ll scroll through the sphere planet filled with levels to choose from. When you first try Flight Lander you will start with the Aircraft Carrier level that doesn’t contain any enemies or obstacles to warm you up. As you look down on the Aircraft Carrier surrounded by blue waters, you draw a path from each plane or helicopter to the correct runway. As you draw your path a green line will follow and show you which runway your plane needs to land on. If you draw an incorrect landing path you’ll see a yellow line instead. For instance you can’t just land a helicopter anywhere you want, so you’ll be instructed to land on the Helicopter landing area. As your planes approach the runway they’ll make one final dive so you know you’ve landed. On the bottom left one option I really like is the turbo arrow. What this does is speed up all your planes which adds a little difficulty as well as faster gameplay. If things get too difficult all you have to do is hit it again to slow things down.

I really like the fact that each level has its own unique location and strategy which keeps things exciting. Currently you will find 10 different locations including Aircraft Carrier, Volcanoes, Dunes, Icebergs, Mountains, Pyramids, Islands, Asteroids, Canyons, and the City. Doing nothing but drawing a path for each location can get boring quick which is why I like some of the added features in Flight Lander. In the Islands level instead of landing planes you are tasked with aerial refueling and fixing planes. Some of the other great features to keep you engaged are avoiding asteroids, plane shaking wind gusts, and even a plane grabbing skyscraper jumping gorilla! For you in app purchasers Flight Lander offers a way to deactivate hazards, draw landing paths while planes are frozen, or wipe away every plane on the screen if you’ve lost control. The price of these cheats might be too pricy for some, but the good news is each one is a permanent purchase that can be used once per game.

For you score junkies, on top of beating your Facebook friends Flight Lander offers some stats, awards for accomplishing things, and level ups based on number of landings. The game seems to run smoothly with few errors, and if I could find something wrong I’d like to see larger planes and larger runways, or maybe I just have large fingers! Being an Indie Developer is difficult enough, breaking into the U.S. App Store when you don’t live here is even harder. That’s why I’m excited to watch the Vera brothers and RoomLabDev team grow. You can lose a few hours trying to beat your Friends best scores in Flight Lander, so be prepared for some nail biting, heart pumping, air traffic control fun! So go ahead and give Flight Lander a try for free and see if you like it.

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Panic Flight By Bulkypix iPhone Review


I have to admit, I’ve been in an iPhone app coma the past few months, and the negative election just made things worse. Now things are picking up, and Panic Flight has come my way to wake me up. Flawlessly draw your finger around the screen to direct your plane in this side scrolling flying game. You ever play a game where you say, “this game would be awesome if they would just add this or that feature?” As you play Panic Flight, you quickly see it’s not lacking features like everyone’s favorite grabbing coins, turbo boosts, cloud exploding shock waves, and even turn into a mini plane to navigate easier. Sounds fun except there are plenty of obstacles while flying your passengers to safety.

Fly freely around the skies, but you must find fuel for your plane, and dive around dark clouds and tornadoes, or pay the price of getting stuck and losing fuel. Speaking of clouds, a neat trick if you graze past them, is you’ll speed up if you want to risk it, or grab a shockwave and explode the clouds. What keeps Panic Flight filled with office bathroom stall excitement, is the online game-center achievements and score challenges. Not enough? Reach goals that pop up like flying a certain distance, or grabbing a certain number of coins to keep you playing. Like many other games, you can buy coins or tally enough coins to purchase/unlock 21 missions, 10 planes, as well as multiple plane upgrades. The bad is it’s a bit buggy and slow at times, but with a few updates it should be fine. Bulkypix has a slew of games in the App Store, and Panic Flight is a great one to add to the list.

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