WuzOnMyiPhone How-Tos

In the past I’ve seen some daily tip blogs that explained how to do some things on the iPhone you may not have known. Most of them I would say to myself, “who the heck doesn’t know how to do that?”. It finally hit me having breakfast with my father who’s a pretty smart guy, that he didn’t know how to do any of these helpful tips. It’s not that he isn’t tech savvy, it’s the fact that he’s a business owner and doesn’t have hours of time on his hands like I do. So to help all of you hard working men and women, I wanted to list some great iPhone tips that may sound simple to some, but to you it could be mind blowing!

Closing Apps Running In The Background
Did you know that just because you hit the home button and close Angry Birds that it’s still not closed? Apps run in the background just like you have Microsoft Excel, Word, and iTunes minimized on your computer. The experts say it doesn’t matter if you close them, but clearly GPS or any other apps that are supposed to do something in the background take up memory. If you didn’t know this, be prepared to spend the next few minutes closing apps.

1) Click the home button two times(your circle button)
2) You should now see a list of apps at the bottom that you can swipe left and right through.
3) Hold down on one of the apps for 2 seconds like you were deleting an app.
4) You can now click on the minus sign of every app running in the background.
5) When you are done, click the home button twice and you’re done.

“Why the heck would apple do that to me and slow my iPhone down?”. Let’s say you’re driving and you want to listen to Pandora but need to see your directions on a map. Glad we cleared that up. You can also swipe to your right and you have two extra screens. Swiping all the way to the right allows you to change the volume. One screen over you can play your music, or lock your screen from turning landscape.

Search For Almost Anything On Your iPhone
Do you struggle finding a specific email, note, song, video, or maybe an app you stuffed in a folder somewhere? You have a search option where you can type in what you’re looking for instead of actually trying to find it yourself.

1) Open your Settings App>General>Spotlight Search
2) Check which items you want to allow Spotlight to find like emails, apps, and music. You can also grab the right side of each choice to change the order of what pops up in your search.
3) Once you are done, hit the home button to go back to your regular app pages.
4) Swipe to your right until Spotlight Search comes up. If you are on your first apps page, you can also just hit the home button once to do the same thing.
5) Type in whatever you want to find like “Google Earth”, “Uncle Frank” to find a birthday or event on your calendar, or find and email by subject or name.
6) Choose what you want to open and you’re done.

You’ll notice the apps tell you which folder they are in, and you can see a little info for some of the other items. You will also notice that the categories are in the order that you chose, for instance showing emails first before showing apps.

Notification Center
If you slide your finger down from the top of your screen, you’ll find a full page of notifications. You should have things like the local weather, emails you haven’t read, stock quotes, and Facebook. What shows up in this view depends on what you want to show up, and here’s how.

1) Open your Settings App>Notifications. You’ll find a list of apps that will show up in your Notification Center, and below that apps that won’t.
2) Choose an app to turn the notifications on and off, or how the notification pops up on your screen. For instance if you turn the Weather Widget off, the next time you slide open your Notification Center you’ll see the weather is gone.
3) You’ll see an edit button at the top right of the notification settings page. You can choose to view notifications by time, or choose manually, then Edit, and move the order of your notifications and widgets by grabbing the right side.
4) You can scroll left on your weather notification to view the six day forecast, or touch the weather to view other saved locations or to create a new one.
5) Once you’ve touched your weather widget, you can swipe left or right to see the other saved locations, or touch the tiny “i” to create or delete a new weather location to view.
6) To change your stock quotes you can open the stocks app that came with your iPhone, or touch the stocks in the Notification Center.
7) Touch the small “i” at the bottom right, and add, delete, or move around your stock quotes.
8) Finally, you also have the option in your Notification Center to open each notification, or touch the small “x” to remove the new notifications in a certain category from view.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcuts are one of my favorite time savers. You know how when you type a few letters your iPhone try’s to finish the word for you? You can create your own few letter shortcuts to finish words you use often to save time. Who cares about that? What I use it for is to finish my email addresses, home address, and even the HTML code to create a link in my blog. My email address is Wuzappenin@gmail.com which I have to type over and over into different login sites. All I have to do is type “Wuza”, and my full email address pops up for my choosing. Have you ever had to type your home address to order pizza or someone needs your address to send you an empty card? You could set a shortcut by typing “1600”, and have “1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington D.C. 20500” pop up. Pretty useful, and here’s how.

1) Open your Settings App>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts
2) Click the plus+ sign at the top right
3) Type your email address or whatever you want to pop up in the Phrase section.
4) Type your few letter code in Shortcut like “Wuza”, which pops up Wuzappenin@gmail.com for me.
5) Click Save and you’re done, or create another.

Five Things Siri Can Do For You

You might have given up on using Siri as she just pissed you off too many times. If you have never used Siri, hold down your home button to talk to her. You can also open your Settings app, General, and choose Siri to change some options and tell her who you are. Since I’m not going to list everything tell Siri, “Guide” or, “tutorial” and you can look through a list of categories to learn what to say. For instance you’ll see, “What movies are playing?”. If you choose this category you’ll get a nice list of what you can say like, “What comedies are playing?” or, “What movies are playing at North Hills Cinema?”. Here are some things she can do pretty well that can really be beneficial.

1) Reminders
As we get older we forget things easily. I use Siri all the time to remind me to do just about everything as I hate when people are late or forget to do something. Ask Siri, “Remind me to get gas in 45 minutes, watch the Super Bowl February 3rd at 6:30pm”, or “Wake me up in an hour”. You can do some neat stuff with your calendar too, but we can get to that in another post.

2) Tell Siri Who’s In Your Family Tree
You can let Siri know who your family members are by saying “Mike is my husband”, or “Christy is my sister.” Alternatively you can do this in your Contacts App. This allows you to say “Call my wife” instead of “Call Jane Smith”, or “Text my boyfriend”. While we’re on this topic, be sure to nickname yourself by saying “call me Big Daddy”. That way Siri will refer to use as Big Daddy instead of your real name.

3) Sports Scores and Schedules
Instead of turning on ESPN or googling your favorite sports team, just ask Siri and she’ll give you the information. For instance if you’re a fan of the Syracuse Orange like I am you can ask Siri, “what is the score of the Syracuse basketball game?”. A scoreboard will pop up and she’ll say, “the Orange edged the Bearcats by a score of 57 to 55”. Sometimes I forget they’re playing so ask Siri, “when is the next Syracuse basketball game?”, and she’ll tell you something like, “the Orange Wildcats game is Saturday 11am”. Now you can use your Reminder skills to have Siri remind you on Saturday to watch the game! Feel free to mess around as she can also give you standings and stats. Ask Siri who the college basketball assist leader is, and you’ll get a list of players and she’ll tell you it’s Michael Carter-Williams. Pretty incredible right?

4) Sending Emails and Texts
There’s no excuse anymore for texting and driving, so if you need to write a quick email or text to your lover, Siri can do it for you. If you’re cruising down the road and your wife texts you “what’s for dinner?”, you can say “text my wife I don’t know, what do you want?”. Maybe you got an angry email at work and while driving you finally thought of the best response other than an expletive. Tell Siri to email the persons name, she’ll ask you for a subject, tell her your witty response, and voila! Unfortunately this is a little disappointing as Siri can only read new texts and can’t read your emails.

5) Ask Siri A Question You Don’t Know The Answer To
Another great feature of Siri is her ability to answer a lot of questions like definitions, synonyms, rhyming words, math, and tons of other helpful information. If you’re reading a book and you’re not sure what demagogue means, just ask Siri, “what does demagogue mean?” and the results will pop up including that it’s 14 scrabble points. Maybe you took your dusty guitar out of the closet to try and write a song again. Siri will respond to, “what rhymes with love”, or “what is another word for “wonderful” and a list is at your fingertips. A useful feature is Siri’s ability to answer your math questions. Lets say you’re out to dinner with three of your friends. Just ask Siri “what is a 20% tip on $234.00 for four people”, and the information will show up with $46.80, and the rest of the amount totals you’ll need to pay. Maybe you’re measurement clueless like me and you need to know how many ounces are in a cup, and she’ll display 8 oz.

I hope you found some of these iPhone tips useful, and you can thank my father for inspiring me to share them. I plan on doing some more WuzOnMyiPhone posts, so be sure to subscribe and let me know what else you would like to learn.