Wacky Rapids By Paw Print Games

Any iPhone game that involves racing in the water I download. In Wacky Rapids you’ll race in a tube down river rapids against wacky cartoonish characters. If you’re expecting an in your face 3D experience, you will not get that. The view is looking down on the cartoonish river starting from the top of your iPhone flowing downwards. The game is simple to play, but not as easy to win. To control, Wacky Rapids will automatically calibrate how you hold your iPhone, and then just tilt left and right to steer.

As you race down rapids like Cowboy Canyon or Icy Falls, you’ll slide over jumps for some extra speed, or grab some stars to build up a boost and spend in the store. Be careful as you’ll need to avoid obstacles like the canyon walls, sand, or random buoys that slow you down. The best part is snatching question marks like Mario Kart to slow down your opponents with different weapons. Some of those weapons are ice cubes, give someone the crabs, well shoot them with a crab. You can also drop a tornado behind you, water bomb, or stop everyone with lightning. It’s nice to see Paw Print came up with their own neat ideas.

Wacky Rapids consists of seven different location settings with four different courses including Volcano Mountain and Pirate Cove. Like many low price apps, if you want to unlock rapids early or use new characters and tube upgrades, Paw Prints has In-App Purchases. Otherwise you’ll need to complete different fun missions and collect stars to unlock the next rapid or spend your stars on tubes and immunities. Don’t worry Game Center lovers, you’ll be able to see your stats as well as challenge friends achievements.

What I enjoy about Wacky Rapids is the racing and completing of missions. Trying to maintain a lead or catching up by drifting another tube and shooting them at the last second, is a blast. Some of the missions are jumping and lighting up all the stars on the down ramp, or turning a certain number of characters into ice cubes. Overall I really can’t think of anything to complain about other than it takes awhile to collect enough stars to buy things, and the menus a little confusing. This is the first iPhone game for Paw Prints in the App Store, and what a start!

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Mole Kart 2 Evolution By Taomee Entertainment iPhone Review


Well, I reviewed Mole Kart 1 awhile back on a previous blog site, and I’m much more excited about Mole Kart 2 Evolution! It’s real simple, if you sit on your couch with friends and play Mario Kart Wii, you’re going to love how great Mole Kart 2 is on your little iPhone to get your fix. Let’s not quote me people, it is just a phone, so I’m not saying it’s like playing with a Wii steering wheel.

I said it last time, in my opinion the kart needs to be bigger in proportion to the size of your screen. This time around in Mole Kart 2 Evolution, the characters and karts are bigger, and they’ve even added a drift button to slide around turns. As you race past fiery dragons, slide through arrowed speed boosts and jumps, be sure to grab coins and question marks. Oh yeah, sometimes I forget not everyone has played Mario Kart. You grab question marks in the road which gives you the ability to speed boost, toss bombs, and even the Mario Kart shrinking lighting. You can shake the iPhone when you are flying over jumps to go faster, and grab coins to spend on characters, tracks, and tune ups.

There’s a story mode with 58 stages where you’ll need to beat certain times, grab a certain amount of coins to earn stars and tracks, or just play in Quick Race mode. I said in my first review, “Mole Kart will be a really fun iPhone game with a few good updates”, Mole Kart 2 Evolution has done that.

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Mikey Shorts By BeaverTap Games iPhone Review


If you’ve read WuzAPPenin reviews before, you know I love me some Super Mario type feel games. Mikey Shorts is without a doubt the best one I have found so far in the platform game category, and the controls are spectacular. You are Mikey, and your job is to rescue people that have been turned into statues. Touch “every” statue, grab coins, jump on moving platforms, and kill or avoid harmless in your way robots through 72 levels of fun! Yes I did quote “every” statue because you have to fill up the bar, or you can’t bust through the gates to slowly get Mikey’s memory back.

A few fun features with Mikey Shorts are spending your coins on disguises, find the hidden golden shorts in every level, and race your ghost to beat your best time. There is also online achievements and scores, and in options you can even move the controls wherever you please. The good or bad with Mikey Shorts, depending on how you look at it, is nothing other than falling to your death is going to kill you, as the real point is to find the fastest routes to get the oh so famous three stars.

As you try to beat the fastest times on the leader-board, you’ll find yourself restarting levels until you’ve lost all feeling in your hand. I even have Mikey Shorts to thank for entertaining me instead of throwing my TV controller at Sean Hannity! This is the first iPhone app for BeaverTap Games, and with more updates to come, Mikey Shorts will keep you entertained for hours.

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Jackrabbit Sunshine By Studio MFB iPhone Review


Jackrabbit Sunshine is a great game for endless runner fanatics. I myself am tired of endless runner games swiping and sliding to a point I’ll never get past, like those of us who have tried to dunk without success. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are amazing for this category of iPhone game, but everyone has their preferences.

What brought me to review Jackrabbit Sunshine is the controls are a tad different than normal endless runner games, there is an end, and it gives you more of a get lost in an Alice in Wonderland mushroom adventure world. Instead of having to swipe around 90 degree angle cliffs, you simply move your finger to the left and right to steer your jackrabbit, and swipe up to hop fences.

The storyline is you are a jackrabbit who hops through a mushroom forest filled with flowers to collect and rack up multiplier points, and mushrooms in your way to slow you down. The point of the Jackrabbit Sunshine is to see how far you can get before the sun sets, which you actually see happening in the sky above. When the moon and fireflies come out, the game is over, so eat carrots for speed boosts, and grab sunflowers to turn back time to catch a few extra sun rays. This is the first iPhone app for Studio MFB, and what a way to start! The developer Matt Baranowski has made it clear that this is just the beginning of the Jackrabbit Sunshine adventure, and I can’t wait to see that red update in the app store soon.

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Riptide GP By Vector Unit iPhone Review


I rarely download racing games because the controls just never feel right for me, no matter how incredible the graphics are. Well, for some reason I must have been in a FREE downloading mood that day, and I came across Riptide GP. Choose from different jet skis, and race through choppy river waters that bring you right into the screen. [WARNING: DON’T PLAY IN THE RAIN STANDING BY YOURSELF] I decided to review Riptide GP mainly because you can swipe your fingers in different directions to perform tricks off jumps. Who wants to wait for the big yellow jumps? See a nice wave, do a trick off that as well! If you land a trick, you can hit the boost and hit warp speed for a few seconds.

The rest of the game has the same features as other racing games, where you can unlock crafts and new races. The menus are very user friendly for your option to choose from Race, Hot Lap, or Championship. You can change the controls, but I like the default tilt your screen to turn, and touch the left side to brake. Riptide GP is really a fun racing game if you want to get your feet wet for a bit. Also, if you use the word “y’all”, or maybe “jeet?” to ask a question when hungry, try Shine Runner!

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