Panic Flight By Bulkypix iPhone Review


I have to admit, I’ve been in an iPhone app coma the past few months, and the negative election just made things worse. Now things are picking up, and Panic Flight has come my way to wake me up. Flawlessly draw your finger around the screen to direct your plane in this side scrolling flying game. You ever play a game where you say, “this game would be awesome if they would just add this or that feature?” As you play Panic Flight, you quickly see it’s not lacking features like everyone’s favorite grabbing coins, turbo boosts, cloud exploding shock waves, and even turn into a mini plane to navigate easier. Sounds fun except there are plenty of obstacles while flying your passengers to safety.

Fly freely around the skies, but you must find fuel for your plane, and dive around dark clouds and tornadoes, or pay the price of getting stuck and losing fuel. Speaking of clouds, a neat trick if you graze past them, is you’ll speed up if you want to risk it, or grab a shockwave and explode the clouds. What keeps Panic Flight filled with office bathroom stall excitement, is the online game-center achievements and score challenges. Not enough? Reach goals that pop up like flying a certain distance, or grabbing a certain number of coins to keep you playing. Like many other games, you can buy coins or tally enough coins to purchase/unlock 21 missions, 10 planes, as well as multiple plane upgrades. The bad is it’s a bit buggy and slow at times, but with a few updates it should be fine. Bulkypix has a slew of games in the App Store, and Panic Flight is a great one to add to the list.

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Prince of Balls By IKKI Arts iPhone Review


This is a critical time to stay occupied while we listen to crazy talk during the Obama vs. Romney Presidential Race. So as you’re watching the news wanting to pull your hair out and the moron speaking, just relax and slide open your iPhone. Prince of Balls is a new side scrolling game, where the object is to jump the least amount of times grabbing stars, coins, and other hidden treasures on your way to the finish line to find your princess. Your character is an orange ball prince with a crown, that can only jump left or right based on where you touch the screen.

Your strategy through each level is to jump the correct height and angle depending on touch, to collect all the stars, coins, and hidden gifts, without wasting a jump. Jump wrong and you’ll hit one of the obstacles or enemies and die. On the topic of dying, be sure to grab fruit, and cross the checkpoints before you run out of energy. I chose to review Prince of Balls because there’s a lot of iPhone games out with the same sort of features, but it’s the golf score lowest amount of jumps, that gives it the WuzAPPenin originality thumbs up!

Some neat features are gravity potions to float and magnetize to everything in your way, spring off of mushrooms, or even watch out for the slippery mud. You can download Prince of Balls Free, pay for 50 more levels, or even pay more for Prince of Balls HD, which in my opinion is pushing it. Whichever version you choose is up to you, but either way you’re sure to have a new fun game at your fingertips.

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FatMole By Francisco Vera iPhone Review


WARNING! When you are done playing this game, your body may feel like it’s trying to gravitate towards objects around you. In FatMole, you tilt as deep as you can into the underground caves, by grabbing diamonds, power ups, and avoiding creatures spread around the screen. If you don’t grab a diamond in time, you’ll bungee back up the hole, and you won’t find your stolen lunch from Tonny the evil mole!

The graphics are worthy, and you can fall through levels like volcanoes, icebergs, and oceans filled with dragons and aliens. You can spend your earned diamonds in the store on things like putting on a Mariachi suit, or put on wings to help you while you play. Struggling a bit? Spend diamonds on weights to help you drop quicker, or put on some gloves to grab everything around you.

The best part of FatMole is that you can challenge your friends on Facebook and set your own rules! You can do things like set the depth, and race to that point, play with creatures and boosts or without them, and even grab the diamonds before your buddy. RoomLabDev clearly understands, if people are going to keep their app, you have to have multiple ways to play, and you get that with FatMole FREE, or FatMole without ads or having to buy levels with diamonds.

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Mikey Shorts By BeaverTap Games iPhone Review


If you’ve read WuzAPPenin reviews before, you know I love me some Super Mario type feel games. Mikey Shorts is without a doubt the best one I have found so far in the platform game category, and the controls are spectacular. You are Mikey, and your job is to rescue people that have been turned into statues. Touch “every” statue, grab coins, jump on moving platforms, and kill or avoid harmless in your way robots through 72 levels of fun! Yes I did quote “every” statue because you have to fill up the bar, or you can’t bust through the gates to slowly get Mikey’s memory back.

A few fun features with Mikey Shorts are spending your coins on disguises, find the hidden golden shorts in every level, and race your ghost to beat your best time. There is also online achievements and scores, and in options you can even move the controls wherever you please. The good or bad with Mikey Shorts, depending on how you look at it, is nothing other than falling to your death is going to kill you, as the real point is to find the fastest routes to get the oh so famous three stars.

As you try to beat the fastest times on the leader-board, you’ll find yourself restarting levels until you’ve lost all feeling in your hand. I even have Mikey Shorts to thank for entertaining me instead of throwing my TV controller at Sean Hannity! This is the first iPhone app for BeaverTap Games, and with more updates to come, Mikey Shorts will keep you entertained for hours.

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Jackrabbit Sunshine By Studio MFB iPhone Review


Jackrabbit Sunshine is a great game for endless runner fanatics. I myself am tired of endless runner games swiping and sliding to a point I’ll never get past, like those of us who have tried to dunk without success. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are amazing for this category of iPhone game, but everyone has their preferences.

What brought me to review Jackrabbit Sunshine is the controls are a tad different than normal endless runner games, there is an end, and it gives you more of a get lost in an Alice in Wonderland mushroom adventure world. Instead of having to swipe around 90 degree angle cliffs, you simply move your finger to the left and right to steer your jackrabbit, and swipe up to hop fences.

The storyline is you are a jackrabbit who hops through a mushroom forest filled with flowers to collect and rack up multiplier points, and mushrooms in your way to slow you down. The point of the Jackrabbit Sunshine is to see how far you can get before the sun sets, which you actually see happening in the sky above. When the moon and fireflies come out, the game is over, so eat carrots for speed boosts, and grab sunflowers to turn back time to catch a few extra sun rays. This is the first iPhone app for Studio MFB, and what a way to start! The developer Matt Baranowski has made it clear that this is just the beginning of the Jackrabbit Sunshine adventure, and I can’t wait to see that red update in the app store soon.

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