Waze By Waze Inc iPhone Review

I was really trying not to do an iphone app review on Waze because it’s that’s good of a GPS app and it’s completely free. So if you don’t all ready have Waze, you will after this review if you’re struggling for a better travel app. If you own an iPhone I don’t need to tell you how poor the maps program is compared to any iPhone app out there. If you’re like me, you probably searched through all the GPS apps, and refused to pay a high price for something you can’t try first.

Waze gives you what you’ve been looking for at the low price of FREE! You get 3D maps, zoom, speed, voice directions, automatic recalculation, multiple routes, search categories, I could probably add ten more commas to this sentence. Think you’ll only use GPS when you don’t know how to get somewhere? Waze allows users to update speed traps, accidents, gas, construction, new roads, and more. That way, you will always want to have Waze on so you know everything between you and your destination. I could tell you about the meet ups and who’s got the most points depending on how much you report stuff, but if all you want is a good GPS app for free, it’s time to download!

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Augmented Car Finder By AugmentedWorks iPhone Review

“This happens every time, you never pay attention!” Have you heard something similar to that before when you’ve walked around for 30 minutes looking for your car? You could probably find 100 car finding iPhone apps, but what I love about Augmented Car Finder is you get out of your car, you click “Save a new position!”, and you’re done. When you are ready to head back to the car just open the iPhone app, and hold it out in front of you. With Augmented Reality you’ll follow the directions while looking at your live camera screen. Hold your iPhone in front of you and follow your screen, or avoid tripping by holding your phone towards the ground and follow the arrow. Never will you ever forget where you parked again.

I’ve used Augmented Car Finder at airport parking garages five days after leaving town, and downtown Saturday nights after a few beers and lost brain cells. Most importantly I’ve used the app at concerts, where you head back in the dark to a sea of 10,000 vehicles in a muddy parking lot with complete accuracy. Don’t end up in a Seinfeld episode looking for Kramer’s car in a parking garage, and just give Augmented Car Finder a try.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!