Arrow Mania By GMT Development iPhone Review

I enjoyed Arrow Mania because I love when I see a puzzle/race iPhone game with a little originality! You are a metal orb(round object), and your goal is to reach the finish line in the fastest time moving left and right using magnets. “What did he just say?” On your way to the finish line, you can do things like pull back to aim and shoot arrows at planes dropping bombs, pop balloons, or shoot at targets to ride up or down the elevators. Make sure you don’t shoot the birds, they get pretty mad!

The free version of Arrow Mania, you’re given a limited amount of levels, but if you choose to buy the paid version for a small price, you’ll get 30. You can also change the level of difficulty to make it more difficult to beat your best times, which makes it a little more challenging with things like faster bombs, and harder to knock down planes. This is the first iPhone app for GMT Development, and I hope with some good reviews, we’ll see some more levels soon for Arrow Mania!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!





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