Depixelate By PixlBot Studios iPhone Review


If you see someone looking at their iPhone like a librarian with glasses hanging off their nose, there’s a good chance they’re playing Depixelate. Get ready to be challenged solving tons of pixelated, aka blurred photos. At your disposal are fourteen letters to tap as you guess what each photo is. Sounds pretty easy but most pictures are very hard to make out, but that’s the whole point. If you tap the picture you can spend two coins to “depixelate” the picture just a little bit. If you’re still struggling you can spend two more coins to “depixelate” the photo even more to help you out. Hopefully at this point you can finally make out what you’re looking at.

The graphics are clean and most everything works perfectly. The best feature of Depixelate is that you have four categories to choose from. Your options are random photos, product logos, and even movie stars! Music Stars was just added as an update, so now you have even more! The category menu will show you how far you’ve gotten in each level so you can brag to your friends how far behind they are. As you stare down each picture you might as well be drunk because all you can really make out are a few shapes and colors. Like many word games you can keep plugging in letters to hopefully figure out the picture, but you won’t be able to slide your letters around. Being able to scramble your letters around like Scrabble is a plus for me, so hopefully we’ll get an update.

Everyone loves free games, so you’ll be able to enjoy Depixelate for free with the option for in-app purchases. Each picture you solve gives you one coin and you can “depixelate” your picture with two coins, or purchase some if you run out. There are multiple coin packages to choose from starting with 10 for .99¢ all the way up to 1,000 for $19.99. It’s up to you how much money you’re willing to spend, but coins are definitely needed if you plan on making it far. You also have the option to ask your friends for help on Facebook by touching the icon next to your word. This is pretty neat as it posts your pixelated photo, all your letters, and your message instead of some annoying advertisement. If you say no to Facebook and change your mind, simply go to your settings and Facebook to turn it on.

Tons of apps sound fun, but very few of them end up actually engaging you for long. Let me tell you how it’ll go down from my experience if you have some friends over and try Depixelate. You and your friends will have a blast sharing pictures as you desperately stare like zombies and dumbfounded. All of a sudden your friends eyes light up and bursts out, “it’s a deck of cards damn it!” Yeah, it gets entertaining quick. This is the first game for the two-person recent graduates from Sheffield UK with more to come. I’m impressed with any indie team that creates a successful app, so if you enjoy a good puzzle word game, it’s time to Depixelate!





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