Fizzy Factory By HangZone iPhone Review


You won’t catch me playing many puzzle apps or joining the Candy Crush mania, so it took a contact from one of the developers to get me to download Fizzy Factory. Well I’m glad Tyler did because I’ve very much enjoyed HangZone’s first iPhone game. The play is simple to learn as you draw a flowing path from colored soda geysers to the same colored bottles inside your soda factory grid. Think you remember how your primary and secondary colors mix together? You better if you want to master this game!

Fizzy Factory currently has 384 levels within 5 different puzzle packs to unlock by collecting bottles. Each level is filled with the occasional obstacles, color splitters, color stations, and a slew of merging color combinations. If you mess up your path just hit the erase button to clear everything, or just simply touch your soda path. When the game brings in a new feature you are always welcomed with a nice quick tutorial. So many games forget to provide directions and expect you to know what to do. That’s why I like the fact that Fizzy Factory makes sure you’re never confused and even makes encouraging comments when you win each level. One thing I originally failed to notice is it shows a light blue or dark blue flow so you are aware you’ve done something wrong.

If you’re a fan of the trendy free app with the option for In-App Purchases, you’re in luck. Fizzy Factory has iADs but they are placed snug at the bottom and between levels not impeding your play. If you really want to get rid of the ads you can purchase a few new level packs or hints for a small price. The hints give you a clue of how you should go about bottling your soda. I have no problem with In-App Purchases if they are useful and cheap, and I give Fizzy Factory an “A+” in that category. If you’re really into this game I suggest you go to the HangZone website to see how you can have your name immortalized on their site by winning the Fizzy Factory Secret Password Challenge!

Overall everything seems to work great as well as providing you with all the options and tools needed for a smooth fun time. I’d like to see some more detailed graphics in future updates, but you can’t ask for much more from a free game that works. Don’t worry I won’t forget to tell you there’s access to the Game Center as well as achievements to play along with your friends. I’m only going to end up angry at some point when I can’t get any further and give up. So do me a favor and beat the whole thing and show the Bandy Brothers they need to come up with more ideas. Fizzy Factory is definitely worth a download if you’re an avid puzzle gamer, and the worst that’ll happen is you learn the fundamentals of colors again!





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