Chromasphere By redmotion games iPhone Review

Chromasphere is a tilting sphere action game where you’ll find excellent 3D graphics and some great features! Normally I’m not into the whole labyrinth genre, but Chromasphere is labyrinth on steroids and EPO’s. Too soon? You’re challenged with four worlds each containing six fairly short levels to complete. Each level begins with a nice fly by as if you were playing Tiger Woods golf, so you can view where you need to go and what obstacles will be in your way.

You’ll begin by falling from an electric forcefield onto the platform before beginning to roll. Tilt your iPhone forwards, backwards, left or right to head in the direction of choice. You can also touch the screen with one finger and the camera view will look in the opposite direction. That’s not all, hold down with one finger and slide around to view what is going on around you. The only way you’ll die is by falling off the edge of a platform to wherever dead spheres end up, so keep your balance.

Chromasphere has been WuzAPPenin approved because of the excellent graphics, but most of all the decent amount of features to keep you entertained. As you do your best balancing act, grab four of the same crystal colors to turn your sphere that color. Doing this is a must because you’ll need to open different doors of the same color, or cross colored bridges. If you haven’t filled up with crystals or have a color saved on your screen for later use, you can’t go through. Different moving obstacles and moving platforms will keep you from finishing the level. Roll onto numerous moving platforms as if you were taking a raft to an island. Be careful, if you can’t maintain your balance it’s another trip to wherever dead spheres go. Don’t worry, on most levels you’ll see a bright light on the ground that acts as a save point in case you die. Some levels can be difficult for the casual gamer, so having a save point has kept me from pulling my hair out.

On top of everything you can do in Chromasphere whether by touch or tilt, you can also beat your fastest times to grab a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Get even faster by racing your ghost if you want, or compete scores with friends in Game Center.

I always enjoy a good options menu and Chromasphere seems to have that, but falls short with the size of the button sliders. You can play the game in the background and change options real time to see what each setting would look like. For instance you can slide to flat or upright depending on if you are sitting in a chair or reclined. The problem is it’s backwards, and the sliders are so small it’s difficult to control them. I also don’t like that it’s missing one of the easier objective C methods, the rotate option. For some reason I feel with all the options and how cool Chromasphere looks, I should be able to turn my iPhone around which can be important if you are plugged in.

Bottom line is none of the negatives are part of your gaming experience, and I’m sure we’ll get some updates as redmotion games has already put out an iPad update within the first month of release. This is redmotions first game in the App Store, and Chromasphere is an awesome way to start.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!





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