Stringz-HD By WingzStudio iPhone Review


If you’re an iPhone app puzzle and physics game lover, you know there are a ton of Cut The Rope get three stars type games out there. Well if that’s what you like, then you’ll enjoy Stringz-HD. You are Z, a one toothed round blue alien, and your goal on top of getting stars, is to drop Z into his rocket. To accomplish that, you draw string lines(to roll) and elastic lines(to bounce) to guide Z around bombs, meteors, enter black holes, and other obstacles.

Don’t go string crazy, as you are limited to the amount of string and elastic you can use on each level. There is a free version of Stringz-HD where you get a decent amount of levels, and you can unlock more planets with levels by getting a certain total number of stars. If you enjoy Stringz-HD Lite, then you can buy the paid version with more levels for a nominal price.

What really grabbed my attention with this app, is the amazing touch screen user features to be able to zoom in, erase string, switch between string or elastic, and change your strings angles with ease. This is currently the only app for WingzStudio, and Stringz-HD is a great start!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!






3 thoughts on “Stringz-HD By WingzStudio iPhone Review

  1. This is a Great Game!

  2. Lovely Game! A must have for puzzle games lovers!

  3. one of the Best Puzzle Games out There!

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