Booty Diver Free By Donnerwood Media iPhone Review

Be careful playing Booty Diver as I found myself gasping for air. The 3D graphics are pretty good for an underwater iPhone game which is a bare app store category. You are a scuba diver grabbing items like treasure chests, crowns, and air tanks before you run out of air or are eaten by sharks. Booty Diver has six dive sights to choose from, and you begin atop the peacefully realistic ocean waters. The good news is if the sound is on, you get a jaws like sound to warn you a shark is at your toes, but if the sound is off, swim for your life!

Sometimes I just feel like pretending i’m underwater away from it all while at work or on the couch, and Booty Diver is an iPhone game that gives me that feeling. To control your diver you move your finger around the screen to swim, and tilt your iphone to look around as well. It’s by no means an action feature packed game, but I’ve been searching for a good underwater game for awhile because as I said, it’s a bare app store category. I’d love to see some updates to be able to harpoon the sharks, or maybe even get in the boat and drive to different locations. If I needed to categorize Donnerwood Media based on what they have in the App Store so far, they are all about the 3D graphics, and Booty Diver Free is worth a download.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!





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