Freekick Battle By GAMEVIL iPhone Review


For those soccer/football fans, you can search for a few hours with all the penalty shot style iPhone games out there. What I like about Freekick Battle is the colorful clear graphics, and the ability to lose 30 minutes without blinking. Freekick Battle is easy to control, but not always easy to score with defenders in the way. You move your finger around a soccer ball to aim high, low, and bend left or right with the correct power. In your way is a wall of defenders, and of course a moving goalie. In arcade mode you get style points for how your goal turns out, but miss five shots and your done. To keep you from getting bored, occasionally you’ll shoot a flaming shot exploding through the defenders, or make a quick pass before bicycling a shot past the goalie.

Freekick Battle has the edge of not falling into the repetitive penalty kick genre which is why it made the WuzAPPenin approval. You can also play online choosing your country and playing against an opponent on a race to 3000 points. If I could change some features, I’d like to see the ability to bend a little further, and some different modes to keep it exciting. GAMEVIL has a ton of iPhone games in the App Store, and Freekick Battle is worth a download.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!





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