Clear Vision 17+ By FDG Entertainment iPhone Review

STOP here if you don’t like Stickman iPhone apps! Clear Vision is a Stickman sniper shooter iPhone game that has a nice little story to it. You need to successfully complete missions which involve killing a particular stickman in different situations. Some examples are shooting through a restaurant window, train, or park bench. What makes it a bit more fun is calculating wind and distance, and sometimes you even get to call your victim before you kill them. It’s called 17+ because they also have a 12+ version which isn’t as graphic for the children.

In Clear Vision you are paid for completing your mission, and eventually you can purchase better sniper guns from Bad Ben’s store . You can even bet on stickman simulated underground boxing to earn more money. I also got a kick out of the newspaper you can open each day to read about the people you’ve killed. I expect FDG Entertainment will add new missions hopefully soon, and they also have a good amount of iPhone apps in the app store with good ratings. To sum it up, Clear Vision is a doctors office waiting room time killer worth download.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!





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