Shark Adventures By Sunrise Software iPhone Review

I felt myself trying to find some sort of underwater iPhone game, and really found nothing until Shark Adventures. You are a male or female scuba diver who will dive into the depths of the ocean snatching up a slue of different fish. Try and grab multiple of the same fish in a row, and you’ll rack up more combo points to spend in the store. You can buy better air tanks, scuba gear, depth, a harpoon to kill sharks, and many other gadgets.

As you buy more, you will be able to go deeper into the caves of the ocean, and finally find the treasure to move on to the next ocean somewhere else. No problem right? Except for the fact there are a ton of painful creatures and flesh eating sharks! Shark Adventures is all around enjoyable for those deep sea fishing finatics. There’s almost a peaceful feeling to the game, if being alone where nobody can hear you scream is relaxing.

There is a free version which gives you plenty to try, and if you enjoy like I did, you can purchase their iPhone app for a few bucks. Shark Adventures looks like the only iPhone game from Sunrise so far, buy clearly they know what they are doing, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!





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